Spellbound: A zine about BPD and the “favourite person”

The term “favourite person” comes from the BPD community, though I think it is something that anyone with a great deal of adversary and isolation in their life can experience. I have met women in autism circles who have/are grieving a favourite person, and some of my favourite songs- “Just Like A Pill” (P!ink), “Space Bound” (Eminem), “Bring Me To Life” (Evanescence), “Pokarekare Ana” (Hayley Westenra) to name a few- are about this kind of relationship. Our favourite person can be anyone: a friend, a therapist, a teacher, our partner, or somebody we just met. It might seem harmless and sweet when somebody says that you are their favourite person. But with BPD, this is far from innocent. This is a serious and dangerous dependency. We project all our deepest longings onto our favourite person. They become our personal saviour, but in the blink of an eye they will become our crucifix. This zine is a collection of 27 colour drawings, told from the perspective of a penguin madly in love.

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