Other people’s art:

♦ beyond amnesty: a zine i found on . it is about self-harm, estrangement, and how inner and outer disorder bleed into one

♦ Roos James – ‘pervasive, persistent, problematic’

♦ Sophie Ann’s poetry: there was one night, during one of the worst months of my life, when all i felt like doing was reading poetry. sophie ann’s words was just about the only thing that managed to sooth my tormented soul and bring back my will to write again. it was my semicolen, a reminder that my story was not finished, that i still had words to write when all i wanted was to write a full stop. so i wrote, and maybe the words that gushed from my heart that month will impact somebody else like sophie ann’s poetry impacted me

♦ Leunig- ‘seven types of ordinary happiness’

♦ Judith Kusel – ‘she is the spiralling dance of creation’

♦ Alison Nappi’s inner child letter

♦ Hyperbole’s comic about depression

‘An unreal world’: a short film about depersonalisation

Shawn Coss – 18 disturbing drawings of mental illness

Gerald B. Frank – ‘Tinnitus A’

♦ Oriah Mountain Dreamer: two of my favourite poems are ‘The Invitation’ (on oriah’s website) and ‘The Dance’

♦ Drawing outside the lines

♦ Ben Hopper’s natural beauty series

Some local artists & mental health advocates:

♦ Heidi Everett

♦ Donna Williams