My journey with film making began with the Mojo film festival. Mojo presents short films made by local and international filmmakers with lived experience of mental health reclamation. I made two amateur films for Mojo 2017, and, discovering my inner cinematographer, I made another two for Mojo 2018 (though only one was screened as i went well over my time limit). We had a bigger audience and venue this time and it was a very special night. My 2018 film ‘Jaspar’, about the power of friendship and love, was also screened at this year’s ‘The Other Film Festival’ (22-24 Nov, 2018), the first international disability film festival in Australia.


There is an interview with Heidi Everett, organiser of Mojo, on the Writer’s Vic website. It made me think about art as therapy, and therefore artists as mental health professionals. Pain is excess energy crying out for release, Gereld Heard wrote. With their unique skillset, artists know how to draw a person’s story out like a splinter and put it in a form that allows healing.

My films-


The Hero’s Journey: