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zonky zoe avatar editHello!

My name is Zoe

Welcome to my little cyberspace corner which I dedicate to my art (a lot of which is about my mental health experiences)

I live in Australia, but no, sadly I do not live in a dinky shack in the outback. I live in Melbourne. Well actually, too far away from the city to be considered Melbourne really, but not far enough to be considered rural. I’m in the same boat with my age. I am too old, by Headspace’s standards, to be considered a young person, but I am too young to be an adult.

Sometimes I wish I could empty my mind into a little glass jar, like those diy galaxies people make in jars using cotton wool, dye and sparkles. I want to show people what it’s like in there, in this world lightyears away from earth. The art I make behind closed doors and curtains, and the music I share, are the closest I get to the jar. I’ve dipped my toe into a range of mediums but mainly I photograph the tips and troughs of life with words. Well, mostly the troughs as that is where I seem to spend most of my time.

Restoring my health and creating a life worth living continues to be a masterpiece in process. Sometimes it feels like rubik’s cube where as soon as I get one part right, another stuffs up. Like right now as I sit here all day and all night making this site. I’ve finally managed to start my inner engine, only to find it’s a superturbo rocketship which won’t stop until it crashes and burns. I have never been good at rubik’s cube.

I make art to illuminate shadows. I make art so I might swim in the ocean of my feelings rather than drown. I make art so I can make this life and this pain count for something. I make art to talk to you, and I make art to free anyone else from the chambers of their loneliness. If I can touch the heart of just one person then I am happy. I also make art to find myself, and I make art to play.

Art to me isn’t about making something out of nothing. It’s about taking what’s already there and adding new meanings and form. Showing the world what it is you see. In clouds you will find a couple of links to my work: ‘hsphaven’ (a communal blog I started for highly sensitive writers, though it’s mostly been me writing there >_<), my handmade cards, my nature photography, and my new YouTube mental health channel.

My special skill is turning bios into essays.